The Victorian Institute of Forensic Mental Health (VIFMH) is a leading mental health organization in Victoria, Australia. The VIFMH provides forensic mental health services to people who have been in contact with the criminal justice system and require specialized assessment and treatment. The organization has recently reached a new enterprise agreement that will benefit its employees and improve the quality of care provided to patients.

The new VIFMH enterprise agreement has been a long time coming. Negotiations began in 2019, and after multiple rounds of discussions and consultations with staff, a new agreement was finally reached in 2021. The new agreement provides significant improvements in pay, conditions, and benefits to VIFMH employees.

One of the key improvements in the new agreement is the wage increase for all VIFMH staff. The new agreement provides a 3% annual pay rise over the next three years, ensuring that VIFMH staff receives a fair wage increase in line with the cost of living. This is a significant improvement compared to previous agreements, which only provided a 2% pay rise.

The new agreement also includes significant improvements in leave entitlements. VIFMH employees will now have access to up to six weeks of annual leave, which is a significant increase from the previous agreement`s four-week leave entitlement. The new agreement also includes the introduction of paid domestic violence leave, recognizing the need for support and care for employees who may be experiencing domestic violence.

In addition to these improvements in pay and leave entitlements, the new agreement also provides benefits such as increased superannuation contributions, professional development opportunities, and access to flexible working arrangements. These benefits are aimed at improving the overall working environment for VIFMH employees, which ultimately translates to better patient care.

The new VIFMH enterprise agreement is a significant step in the right direction for the organization and its employees. The improvements in pay and benefits will provide necessary support to VIFMH staff, ensuring that they can continue to deliver high-quality care to patients. The agreement also reflects the organization`s commitment to providing a supportive and inclusive workplace that values the contributions of its employees.

In conclusion, the VIFMH enterprise agreement is a positive development for the organization, its employees, and the patients it serves. The improvements in pay, leave entitlements, and benefits are a testament to the shared commitment of VIFMH and its staff to deliver the best possible care to patients. The agreement is a win-win for everyone involved, and it sets a positive example for other organizations in the mental health sector.